10 Photography Tips From A Hobbyist

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Let me clarify again that I am not a professional photographer, please, do not misunderstand my intentions. I am just a hobbyst, passionate to create.

I have loved photography since I was a kid, when my mother gave me an Agfamatic 100 camera. I remember that for many years, I was spending all my pocket money to the photography shop that was near my house. Then, for a long period of time I stopped dealing with photos (I regret that till today) and I started again in 2011 when I bought my Nikon DSLR. So since then in my free time I go to seminars, I read or watch online tutorials and in this blog I just wish to share -among others- things that I have learned.

The truth is that lately I do not have much of a free time and I try to practice and read either very early in the morning when my little baby is not awake or late at night when my little one has fallen asleep.  Even so, working on photography and lately on blogging it gives me such energy and fills me so, that although I am very tired, I only receive positive emotions.

So, today, I gathered 10 little photography tips that have helped me in the past and share them with you.

still life photography blurpixels.com

  1. Photos lie. So, do not overthink it, do not hesitate and just start using your camera.
  2. Nowadays, everyone is and can be a photographer. Join Instagram, share your best shots and get inspired for your future projects.
  3. The more pictures you take the better you become.
  4. Natural light is your best buddy.
  5. Do not shoot on auto it restricts your creativity.
  6. Use the rule of thirds. It always helps with composition.
  7. Make copies of your photos. Edit the copies. Never the originals.
  8. Tell stories through your photos.
  9.  Play with your camera, learn how to properly use it, you will gain confidence.
  10. An expensive camera does not mean better photos. A camera that is convient to you though, can give you the motivation to become better.

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