15 Fun Movies For A Stay-At-Home Fall Night

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I love Fall. I miss Fall. And it`s finally here. Don`t get me wrong, I love summer and summer in Greece is amazing but enough with that heat, we got plenty of that in the previous months! It`s about time to close the balcony doors, to warm up our home atmosphere, to take care a bit more of our living room space, to decorate our houses with sweet Fall colors, to bake cookies that make the house smell warmth and love, to enjoy hot coffees, light blankets, cauliflower sweaters, (by the way...my little one is so cute with his new long sleeve pajamas), to enjoy all kind of pumpkin recipes. If I haven`t put you on the Fall mood yet, I am writing something wrong.  It`s time to say goodbye to the open-air cinema nights (either way, they are all closed by now) and welcome friends to our homes and couches for mezes, board games and cinematic nights. For you my friend, that you love all the above and you don`t sigh counting down the days for the next summer, I made a list with 15 fun favorite movies to enjoy at home. I would also send some homemade cookies, but they are planned for next week. Stay tuned. Enjoy!! P.S. If you have any film reccomendations, feel free to write about them on the comments area below. 
  1. 1. Amelie 

  2. 2.Retour Chez Ma Mere

  3. 3. Stuck In Love

  4. 4. Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au Bon Dieu? 

  5. 5. Mother`s Day

  6. 6. La Famille Belier

  7. 7. Midnight In Paris

  1. 8. You`ve Got Mail

  2. 9. Take Care

  3. 10. Le Chef

  4. 11. Je vous trouve très beau (You Are So Beautiful)

  5. 12. Blame Freud

  6. 13. The Longest Week

  7.    14. The Wedding Planner

  8. 15. No Reservations


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