2 Great Photography Books For New Parents

blurpixels photography still life photobooks for new parents
Today I wanted to write about two great photography books for new parents -as I am- that I got a few months ago. When we left the hospital, me & my little one and started creating a new life together at home, I realized that every day will be an adventure for us. Always something new for my little one to discover, to do, to achieve. As for me, I wanted to create a photo journal for him to own. All his beautiful smiles, new moves, plays, fun times with us, food experiences, little moments, all kind of details that gone by so quickly, as he grows so fast. I wanted to record every today that would become a not returning tomorrow. I did not want to miss or forget anything from those firsts, but I was not sure how to make that happen. After some online research, I discovered those two fantastic photography books, that gave me all the inspiration and guidance I was looking for. They are so easy to read, they are full of instructions on how to and most of all, provide lots of example images to copy or to use as a starting point for your photography inspiration journey along with your baby. blurpixels photography still life photobooks for new parents The first book is "Your baby in pictures" by Me Ra Koh and is a photography guidance to the first year of your baby. Six amazing chapters, simple written, starting by a "how to begin" and lots of photography tips on how to capture your baby`s daily life from month one to twelve. I loved the book`s tips on how to prep your baby for the photos depending on the age you are, how to use your camera, depending on whether you are a dslr or a compact camera user, composition and final capture. You have also the opportunity to view the "behind the scenes" of the book you are holding. blurpixels photography still life photobooks for new parents The second book is "Your Child In Pictures", again by Me Ra Koh, a guidance for photographing your child from age one to ten. In the second book, you can read tips on how to shoot with your smartphone and how to get great photos. The logic of the chapters remains the same as in the first book and I since is about older kids, the shooting options now seem unlimited. Although we are not on the phase of above one year old, I cannot stop looking at the book`s images and read again and again the chapters. blurpixels photography still life photobooks for new parents I only regret that I hadn`t done that book research earlier on the phase of my pregnancy, because I missed a few months of my little one. Even so, I try to duplicate the scenes of the books that I prefer and adjust them in our lifestyle and daily routine. I must say, I have gained some great photos of my sweet baby and the journey is still on its beginning. Maybe I will share a few someday here. 🙂 blurpixels photography still life photobooks for new parents  

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    I’m always a sucker for a beautiful photography book!

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      Great!! I have a few more posts on photo books coming on the blog!! 🙂 Thank you so much for your visit Caitlin!! 🙂

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