Mini Notes – Have The Best Weekend

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koufonisia greece breathsndreams blog *from "breathsndreams" lifestyle blog
  1. it is official!! i am constantly sleepless & i have no clothes that fit any more. it is not that i have gained any pounds since i puke on a daily basis, but my belly is now really out of my normal size area. must go shopping asap! -you know its a first for me, how do you all copy with all those changes? PLEEEEASE share your tips.
  2. ok, so it`s Friday -favorite day of the week- but I must stay at home ( & in bed) so the only thing I can do is to search my photo archives and blog blog blog about summer memories. thankfully i have a large photo collection.
  3. have you noticed the two language option on the top menu? yeap! I want to try and post both in greek and english & i hope i can do it properly. if it works i am telling you it will be a happy moment.
  4. i have discovered so may usefull motherhood sites & facebook pages that i feel really secure about all my hundread questions per minute popping out of my head. but if you have an revommendations, i would love to hear them.
  5. i am so touched by all your lovely words and messages received about my news on the latest post. i want to thank you all so much. you made me really really happy. Xenia you are the best! i really wish i was in London with all of you again!
Have the best weekend!!

Marianthi, xo 

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