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If you think your blog needs a bit of retouch, you can start by updating your photos. Allow me to introduce you to 5 great web pages for free stock photos that you can easily use.

1. Splitshire Through the large collection of the Italian web designer Daniel Nanescu you can choose and download to your computer high quality photos without use limitations for personal or commercial use.

2. New Old Stock At this site, you can find a large variety of Vintage shots from public files and you can use them for free also without limitations on copywrite. 3.Deathtostock The Deathtostock people have the most special variety shots I have seen and that is why they are my favorite. If you sign in to their newsletter you can receive 10 free shots per month directly to your email address. With a little extra charge, you have the option to get the premium package and receive even more. DeathtoStock_Simplify8 4. Photopin You can choose among their huge collection and store easily and quickly at your computer the most beautiful photos. You choose the category that interests you, review it, choose the type of licence you require and start the download. 5. Unsplash Free pictures at very high quality level and analysis without any usage limitations. You can join the site`s newsletter and receive their shots daily at your email. ***Photo at the beginning of the post; © blurpixels.com / if you wish to use a photo from the blog please terms of use Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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