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athens in photos
athens in photos You really really love your Athens, you cannot have enough walks all around the city and discover new places in it. And no matter how many cities you visit around the world, you always come back home feeling more eager to meet your town, enjoy it and of course photograph it (in my case), From the center of Athens which is always full of energy and life to the little corners all around her, Athens has always something good to offer you back and a beautiful place to make you feel welcome. As I mentioned in a previous post, I do not go out much lately. Just for a while I hope. We dared a walk a few days ago with our little one and it was not bad at all (although we were a bit stressed about it). Over the years I have collected lots of Athens shots which I have shared in the blurpixels instagram feed and I hope you will enjoy. athens in photos athens in photos athens in photos athens athens athens athens athens in photos athensathens metro

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