Baby Oh Baby & A New Blog
*from “breathsndreams” lifestyle blog A few days ago I tried to share a mini post to welcome our new baby but I faced some technical issues so I failed. Obviously these are all solved so I re-post my baby`s cute little photo!! Yeap!! You guessed correctly!! I am in love!! 🙂 Apart from announcing my baby`s arrival I also want to write a bit about another new beginning. It it really exciting to welcome the launch of a brand new photography blog that I am working on a few months now. For a long time I felt that I am failing at running properly "breathsndreams" and at the end it was just a stressful process that left me with no joy at all. "Blurpixels" is a new online space that is much closer to my current taste, inspiration and needs. It`s just an effort to combine my great love for photography and my new life style as a new mom. I am going to keep "breathsndreams" up for a few days but then I hope to see you all at my new online space, I hope that it will be a joyfull journey!! See u soon, thank you all so much for the love, support & friendship!! Love,  Marianthi

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