Mini Interview: Meeting Foteini From “Projectfood”

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Last week I wrote that it starts on the blog a new Mini interviews series from other bloggers with special style and photographs, having as a target to know them a little better. I found Foteinis blog a while ago through Instagram.  What I liked most were obviously her food pictures and the immediacy communication of her recipes to her readers. I immediately visited her blog page and stayed there for a long time wondering around her fantastic recipes and jotting down food ideas for me to try. If you are a friend of blurpixels you already know that I love food photography, I try to learn as more as I can and...

Uncle Ben`s Sweet & Sour Chicken

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I have not done much writting around the blog this month, but unfortunately the time of a new mom is kind of limited. To find a few free moments to add some photos on the 365 project and on instagram is already a lot these days. I hope that I can manage a better schedule soon… So, where are you? Have you already started your vacation? Are you visiting any Greek islands? I hope that I will also manage to get away from Athens for a few days, our first vacation with our little one! At the moment, I share a few pictures that I took a few weeks ago from a favorite...

Food Photography. Feta Cheese Summer Salad

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I think that salad was made to be photographed rather than to get eaten… But we did eat it anyway and it was so fresh and tasty! Greek summer is all about feta cheese and salads and is my personal favorite dish to enjoy on such high temperatures. If you are intrested in food photography I wrote about an excellent ebook that I think you can enjoy a lot and the Plate To Pixel book which is one my favorites with many tips and inspirational photos. Back to that delicious summer dish now, through some lettuce in a large bowl, a couple of tomatoes, capricious and feta cheese. Garnish on top...

Lunch With Friends At Home

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There is nothing better than a cosy Sunday lunch at home with friends. Especially now that the weather in Greece is really sweet, we tend to invite more often people in our houses and of course the summer courses that we can offer them are endless. Of course, each group has its own codes and tasty habbits but also a lot depend on the budget each one affords. It is really easy to organize such an event in such way that everyone enjoys it, including yourself if you are hosting it. A couple of appetisers, an easy salad in the middle, a main dish and either a dessert or fresh...

Three Chocolate Cookies

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I really enjoy baking & cooking cause I find it a very creative way to relax. Most of all I am into easy & quick recipes with delicious results and I plan to share lots of such recipes on the blog. A super easy baking recipe with super tasty result, makes everyone to love you. If you are a  chocolate person,  this post is for you; the three chocolate cookie recipe. It makes 30 to 35 delicious cookies. Enjoy!! Ingredients 200 gr. butter 125 gr. white sugar 1 tsp vanilla 1 large egg 275 gr. flour (I used Allatini but you can also make it with all-purpose flour) 4 big...



Puncakes for brunch!! When you are pregnant your people take good care of you. Ι remembered today one of the most delicious brunches I have ever taste and of course I photographed it. A recipe from Jamie Oliver.  ...