New Style Fried Potatoes

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Last Saturday, me and my husband, wanted to try a different recipe on a favorite dish of ours. And it was so successful, that we still talk about it. The recipe was simple, beef steaks with fried fries –a perfect dish for a diet, no…?– from the recipe page of Akis. I don`t think I have tasted more delicious fried fries. Ever! The meat was also fantastic but the fries were simply irresistible. Crunchy, well cooked, with a gorgeous golden color. The after-cooking mix was ideal to strengthen their taste, just don`t overdo it with the rosemary, it may be too heavy and a bit annoying. I still wonder how I...

Mini Notes – Choco Candy

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This week, I decided on three things!! I love September, the smell of rain on the ground and little Choco candy!! And then I decided to make some homemade ones while my little one was still asleep. To make some homemade Choco candy is a really quick process. To be precise, it takes longer to eat them, rather than making them. Ok, I may exaggerate a bit and if you don`t stay in our home… maybe in another house with more normal people when it comes to sweets. Anyway, I am giving you a weekend project chocoholic friend, with a few really quick and easy recipes from the favorite food...

Chocolate Cake Anyone?

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The most amazing ready-mix chocolate cake, just landed in my kitchen. And it was all gone within a few hours. I wasn`t expecting anything less, just by smelling it.  I am talking about a fluffy, soft, sweet as it should be, as chocolate as I need it to be and so easy to make, that I can bake it in a very short time and with so little effort. Also read: Three Chocolate Cookies Last week, I wanted to make a chocolate cake, but my time was very limited. I did some research online though, and I found some really nice recipes that I am planning to try later on...

Uncle Ben`s Sweet & Sour Chicken

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I have not done much writting around the blog this month, but unfortunately the time of a new mom is kind of limited. To find a few free moments to add some photos on the 365 project and on instagram is already a lot these days. I hope that I can manage a better schedule soon… So, where are you? Have you already started your vacation? Are you visiting any Greek islands? I hope that I will also manage to get away from Athens for a few days, our first vacation with our little one! At the moment, I share a few pictures that I took a few weeks ago from a favorite...

Food Photography. Feta Cheese Summer Salad

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I think that salad was made to be photographed rather than to get eaten… But we did eat it anyway and it was so fresh and tasty! Greek summer is all about feta cheese and salads and is my personal favorite dish to enjoy on such high temperatures. If you are intrested in food photography I wrote about an excellent ebook that I think you can enjoy a lot and the Plate To Pixel book which is one my favorites with many tips and inspirational photos. Back to that delicious summer dish now, through some lettuce in a large bowl, a couple of tomatoes, capricious and feta cheese. Garnish on top...

Three Chocolate Cookies

three chocolate cookies recipe

I really enjoy baking & cooking cause I find it a very creative way to relax. Most of all I am into easy & quick recipes with delicious results and I plan to share lots of such recipes on the blog. A super easy baking recipe with super tasty result, makes everyone to love you. If you are a  chocolate person,  this post is for you; the three chocolate cookie recipe. It makes 30 to 35 delicious cookies. Enjoy!! Ingredients 200 gr. butter 125 gr. white sugar 1 tsp vanilla 1 large egg 275 gr. flour (I used Allatini but you can also make it with all-purpose flour) 4 big...