2 Great Photography Books For New Parents

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Today I wanted to write about two great photography books for new parents -as I am- that I got a few months ago. When we left the hospital, me & my little one and started creating a new life together at home, I realized that every day will be an adventure for us. Always something new for my little one to discover, to do, to achieve. As for me, I wanted to create a photo journal for him to own. All his beautiful smiles, new moves, plays, fun times with us, food experiences, little moments, all kind of details that gone by so quickly, as he grows so fast. I wanted...

Mini Notes – All Around Athens

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Hello sweet Friday!! You are here again!! It was a week full of cooking and new recipes. I also made some changes to the main menu of the blog, so you can find easier what you wish to read –credits to my friend Joanna, she did an amazing job on her blog! What are your weekend plans? We have birthday celebrations and the final preparations of our little one`s christening.The weather here is great and that in Athens means only one thing. Walks-walks-walks! Have a fantastic weekend and if you are in town looking for cool places to visit, I have a few suggestions below. «Read every Friday a Mini Notes Fun Post.»  At the Attica Zoo Park....

15 Fun Movies For A Stay-At-Home Fall Night

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I love Fall. I miss Fall. And it`s finally here. Don`t get me wrong, I love summer and summer in Greece is amazing but enough with that heat, we got plenty of that in the previous months! It`s about time to close the balcony doors, to warm up our home atmosphere, to take care a bit more of our living room space, to decorate our houses with sweet Fall colors, to bake cookies that make the house smell warmth and love, to enjoy hot coffees, light blankets, cauliflower sweaters, (by the way…my little one is so cute with his new long sleeve pajamas), to enjoy all kind of pumpkin recipes. If...

Mini Notes – Choco Candy

blurpixels photography blog two ingredient chocolate candy recipe

This week, I decided on three things!! I love September, the smell of rain on the ground and little Choco candy!! And then I decided to make some homemade ones while my little one was still asleep. To make some homemade Choco candy is a really quick process. To be precise, it takes longer to eat them, rather than making them. Ok, I may exaggerate a bit and if you don`t stay in our home… maybe in another house with more normal people when it comes to sweets. Anyway, I am giving you a weekend project chocoholic friend, with a few really quick and easy recipes from the favorite food...

Mini Interview: Meeting Aris From “Neanikon”

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Just before I started writing this post, I visited again the blog that is hosted today on “blurpixels”, to wander around the photographs and read again a few of my favorite posts. Every time that I post a mini interview of another blogger on “blurpixels”, I feel happy and I always write a few words about my personal sense, when I visit the page of the other creator. But today, words seem little, how would I initiate a proper introduction about “Neanikon”. They are so many the things I get by reading Ari`s posts and I admire so much all that he presents on his blog. I just love “Neanikon”, it...