Mini Notes – Summer Travels

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We travel to change, not of place, but ideas. Hippolyte Taine Summer of 2017. The first summer with our little one. Our first travels with him. So far, I must report full relocation and residency success. He seems to enjoy a lot tours and nature, especially the color of the trees and the flowers. So, although there is a lot of preparation, packing and sleepless nights which I happily join with my baby, by having the support of my family, I can still enjoy a few photography times, a bit of writing and beautiful Greece.  The photo of this post is taken on the bridge of Polifitou Lake in Kozani. I am writing...

Happy Holidays

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Today I write from a small village in the northern part of Greece, to simply wish you Happy Holidays. Happy holidays!! I am finally out of Athens and I say finally because I was expecting it for such a long time. I hadn`t leave home since last summer that I got pregnant and I feel fantastic. Although our original plans got cancelled we managed to figure out a new plan and enjoy a few summer days away from home. We so need to relax and rest and above all we need some fresh air and new icons to take with us for the winter coming. In the previous days I...

Mini Notes – Blog Friends

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It is already the end of July friends, how quickly time passes by… There are so many Fridays without a mini notes post and although they are mini I Iove them especially since they are something like a personal diary, so I will try to write them more often. How many things have happened all this time… I met with friends after a long time. I arranged my first vacation with my baby and I feel so happy and anxious. I enjoyed a film on an open air cinema. I discovered great blogs that made my day. Most of all, I watch my little one growing incredibly fast day by day and I cannot believe...

Mini Notes – Toms

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Enjoy your Friday!! How was your week? What are your plans for the next days? This week I really loved Toms shoes and although they are a bit large yet, I cannot wait for my little one to wear them!! The invitations for weddings and christenings have started and we received some nice ones from typecenter. I enjoyed beautiful photos from the Peonies and polaroids blog. It was fun watching the film The Longest Week. I cannot wait to go to an open air cinema now that the weather is finally warm and nice. Enjoy your weekend!!        ...

Mini Notes – Have A Great Baby Weekend


Enjoy your Friday!! How was your week? What are your plans for the next days? I got a bit excited cause my review on 2MAZI got reposted on the facebook page of the restaurant. We received the gym of Fisher Prise and the relax and we are pretty exchited. Our little one more than us of course. Since our complete week was full of baby activities and online research, the 5 link that I share with you every Friday, today will be all about babies. Have a great baby weekend!! I read that in the Stavros Niarchos foundation, you can live with your kids the Hunting of sounds. The books are a great gift for eveyone. I have...

Mini Notes – Life Stories

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Its Friday again, how fast that week ended… I remember hot days (is it my idea or summer is here so suddenly?) and then rainy days again and at some point I found out that my last year’s clothes (pre pregnancy clothes) do not fit me any more !! (Now is the right time to panic!). Weekly report: Nannies, crying and hugs (I love hugs!), About 110 baby bottles, 3 cans of milk, 84 diapers, one million kisses and countless caresses!! Lots of sleepless nights, meeting with doctors, friends come and go (I do not actually see them …), did he say “mommy”? He did not of course but I heard it anyway!!...