The «365 Blurpixels Photo Project» 16-22/365

blurpixels photography still life

When you decide to go on holidays, automatically you decide to leave everything behind and really rest. But when you participate on the “365 project” that could be difficult. On the other hand, I find the whole project so much fun and since I am a bit of photo obsessed, I cancel the introduction of the post and change it, to it`s so wonderful to search within your day (wherever you are), that one beautiful shot, that you finally decide to share on the site. I have included below the images I managed to upload in the first two weeks of August and I think I am going to print them and...

The «365 Blurpixels Photo Project» 12-15/365

blurpixels photography still life

Last week, I created a synopsis about the “365 Blurpixels Photo Project” and a few friends of the blog mentioned that they prefer to view it like that. So, I decided to upload a centralized post each week about the photos I share on the  “365 project“.  Regarding past week, these are the photos I shared which of course you can also fina in  Instagram. Read More: 08-11/365  & 07/365...

Free IPhone Photography Online Courses

blurpixels photography still life

If you use your iphone more than your camera on your daily life and you want to expand your knowledge around your phone`s camera, you can visit for free the web page of  Iphone photography school and become a master.  The truth is that the easiest and fastest way to upload your daily shots on Instagram is through your mobile, unless you own the Nikon J5 which is super light and has WIFI.  On Iphone photography school web page you can find lots of tutorials and videos about how to use your phone`s camera, many tips on how to edit and which are the best applications. By receiving daily emails with such tips and videos on...