2 Great Photography Books For New Parents

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Today I wanted to write about two great photography books for new parents -as I am- that I got a few months ago. When we left the hospital, me & my little one and started creating a new life together at home, I realized that every day will be an adventure for us. Always something new for my little one to discover, to do, to achieve. As for me, I wanted to create a photo journal for him to own. All his beautiful smiles, new moves, plays, fun times with us, food experiences, little moments, all kind of details that gone by so quickly, as he grows so fast. I wanted...

The «365 Blurpixels Photo Project» 35-39/365

blurpixels photography still life

I think I am so left behind the project. Mostly because these days in our home the main project is the christening of our little one. But that is an after the end of October discussion. These are my photos until (shame on me…!!) 13th of September. How is October so far? P.S. The «365 Blurpixels Photo Project» 30-34/365 (photos: blurpixels Instagram feed)...

5 Photography Tips On How To Capture Flowers

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I love nature and flowers. Over the years I have taken too many flowery photos and I guess that I will never stop since they really caught my eyes wherever I go. If you regularly read the blog or follow my 365 project participation, you understand what I am talking about since many of my shots present flowers. Today I am sharing 5 simple tips on how to capture flowers if you also love them. I assume that you may develop a few more of your own but you can use the following if you are a beginner. 1. Get Closer. When I bought my DSLR a few years ago...

How To: Basic Edit In Photoshop In 4 Steps

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I firstly used Adobe Photoshop when I was taking photography lessons and we discussed about image editing. I find Photoshop a very useful tool and super fun and when my time allows me to, I try to learn and discover more of its functions. In today`s post, I share how you can edit your photos in 4 basic steps, quick and easy. Before I start describing the steps, allow me to say that, I suppose there are many ways to do so, but in this post I just share the 4 basic steps that I follow in order to process my photos in relation to the brightness and contrast that I wish...

The «365 Blurpixels Photo Project» 23-29/365

blurpixels photography still life

Last week found me on a lovely Greek island, Zakynthos. So, all of the below pictures that I uploaded on the project were from my stay there. Gorgeous mornings, amazing colors, our blue Greek sea and me all around the island, holding in my arms my little one and my camera, looking for beautiful icons to capture and show him later on, from his first holidays with us. Till our next travel… Where were your first vacation with you baby? P.S. 16/22 365 project & 12/15 365 project (photos: blurpixels Instagram feed)...