Chocolate Cake Anyone?

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The most amazing ready-mix chocolate cake, just landed in my kitchen. And it was all gone within a few hours. I wasn`t expecting anything less, just by smelling it.  I am talking about a fluffy, soft, sweet as it should be, as chocolate as I need it to be and so easy to make, that I can bake it in a very short time and with so little effort. blurpixels photography blog food photography chocolate cake Also read: Three Chocolate Cookies Last week, I wanted to make a chocolate cake, but my time was very limited. I did some research online though, and I found some really nice recipes that I am planning to try later on this month. For now, I decided to try for the first time the ready chocolate mix of Betty Crocker to gain some time and I admit that I wasn`t expecting such a great result. I got seriously excited with that chocolate cake and so did the rest of my family -they shared that excitement in practice. I only added 3 ingredients, I mixed them all in a bowl for 4 minutes and through it in the oven for 25 minutes. The mix favored the whole house so much and so beautifully, that I think everyone loved me a bit more. The only thing I altered from the recipe, was that instead of oil I added butter, because I wanted to polish a bit more the chocolate. I loved it!blurpixels photography blog food photography chocolate cake A few baking tips to use, even if you are baking a ready cake mix:
  1. 1. Take out of the fridge the eggs and butter for a few minutes before using them.
  2. 2. Butter and flour the cake forms and put them immediately in the fridge, until you complete the preparation of the mix.
  3. 3. When the mix is baked, take it out of the forms to avoid any softness and let it cool down before your final set up of the cake.
  4. Enjoy choco friends!! 🙂
blurpixels photography blog food photography chocolate cake blurpixels photography blog food photography chocolate cake  

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