Welcome to "Blurpixels"!

Based in Athens, hobbyist photographer, wife and a new mama to a baby boy, in deep love with words, cooking, and travels, I created this blog to share my every day stories through photographs. I started blogging a few years ago via "breathsndreams" and after giving birth, I decided to start a fresh new online page a lot closer to my current taste, needs and lifestyle.

This blog is a record of photography moments, thoughts, recipes, places I discover & every other thing that brings me joy and inspiration. It all started to grow in my mind as an extension to the photography classes I attended a few years ago and repeated last year, so you can see the reason behind the blog`s name.

What photography means to me?

It relaxes me, it brings me lots of joy and is the best way to express my creativity and emotions. Through my camera, I love to document the life around me and I enjoy a lot experimenting with pixels -especially the blurry ones.  Life is full of adventures and I`d love to share my little ones here.

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