Food Photography Book Review: Plate To Pixel

plate to pixel
One of my favorite books on food photography and styling is the Plate to Pixel of Helene Dujardin. The photographer has a fantastic and absolutely successful food blog, the Tartelette and she shares inspiration, tips and her next photography workshops. The book contains eight chapters and it includes advice about basic photography rules, how to properly use your camera, the light (natural & artificial), composition, the ways and techniques on how to set up a shooting scenery, how to style your photos and finally the steps you must follow after you complete your shots. At the end of the book you can find a complete list for equipment, webpages with lots of useful information, food blogs to get ideas and relevant books. plate to pixels book review In each chapter, the author shows the steps that she followed for each photo through her personal portfolio, while she includes the characteristics of each shot. It was the first book relative to food photography that I bought and I think that it`s biggest advantage is the that it starts with the basic photography techniques. Already in the first chapters you can learn all about apperture, ISO and the shutter speed, information that you need to know anyway if you want to move forward on the field. The chapters of composition and styling are great to enjoy, with beautiful pictures and many ideas and tips through her long time experience.

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