Happy Holidays

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Today I write from a small village in the northern part of Greece, to simply wish you Happy Holidays. Happy holidays!! I am finally out of Athens and I say finally because I was expecting it for such a long time. I hadn`t leave home since last summer that I got pregnant and I feel fantastic. Although our original plans got cancelled we managed to figure out a new plan and enjoy a few summer days away from home. We so need to relax and rest and above all we need some fresh air and new icons to take with us for the winter coming. In the previous days I read many posts about stress free first baby vacation and light baggage travel but in the end, I didn`t use any of the tips. Each parent finds out his own programm and travel style that matches the baby/parent habits and preferences. That would be the only advice I would share with someone that lives similar conditions. So, I will see you again in September with lots of photographic and non photographic topics, interviews and inspiration from the project which I hope you will enjoy. Enjoy the rest of the summer and gather lots of beautiful icons, flavors and moments. Marianthi, xo Where are you these days? How is your holiday so far? Have you ever travelled with a baby? πŸ™‚Β  (photo: blurpixels Instagram Feed) blurpixels photography blog still life

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