Homemade Chocolate Brownies For Choco Lovers

blurpixels photography and lifestyle blog easy brownies recipe

November turned out to be a really busy month around here. Writing and photographing was not part of the daily schedule but thanks to Instagram I stayed connected with the world.

I guess being a working mum and at the same time managing a blogging routine is a hard challenge. I believe that is getting too difficult to maintain a two-language blog, so I think that if I want to keep posting, I must choose between Greek and English. Translation takes too much time. In fact, I would love to read in the comment area below, which language you prefer. You could help me a lot.

Anyway, back to the delicious recipe post now. If you love chocolate keep reading.

These brownies are perhaps the best homemade brownies ever made.

I am not exaggerating. Seriously, I wish you could smell and taste them -not that we have any pieces left.

I am trying all kind of new recipes in an effort to be a greater cook for when my baby gets a little older and since I love Akis recipes I got inspired from all that chocolate parading on my laptop`s screen and decided to give it a go.

blurpixels photography and lifestyle blog easy brownies recipe

It`s a great recipe for the Christmas season too, chocolate matches all seasons after all and is also really easy to make it. Those little chocolate brownies, fairly won their spot on my Christmas dessert list, so I am baking them again pretty soon.

The original recipe is here for the ingredients and the method and I totally recommend it.

If you are a rookie on baking sweets, this recipe can totally boost up your confidence.

The result is amazing. You get a crunchy light crust on top and below and a rich -just as it should be- sweet choco stuffing that melts in your mouth and brings you nothing but an absolute choco-happiness.

You can add some white chocolate on top of the bars or a spoon -maybe two- of vanilla ice cream to balance the chocolate flavor.

Enjoy!! 🙂

blurpixels photography and lifestyle blog easy brownies recipe blurpixels photography and lifestyle blog easy brownies recipe

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