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Last week I wrote that it starts on the blog a new Mini interviews series from other bloggers with special style and photographs, having as a target to know them a little better. I found Foteinis blog a while ago through Instagram.  What I liked most were obviously her food pictures and the immediacy communication of her recipes to her readers. I immediately visited her blog page and stayed there for a long time wondering around her fantastic recipes and jotting down food ideas for me to try. If you are a friend of blurpixels you already know that I love food photography, I try to learn as more as I can and share them on my page, so it was expected that projectfood would become one of my favorite internet haunts. I would like to thank Foteini for this beautiful cooperation, for all the information she shares with us and the beautiful pictures that she send from her blog. blurpixels photography blog interview /projectfood copywrite  – if you have a blog and you are intrested in participating in the mini interviews series please contact me at the email of the blog or via social media  🙂 So, lets get to know the creator of "projectfood" a little better. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your blog? I’ m a 30 years old, married and working woman, passionate about cooking, tasting and photo shooting awesome food dishes! My blog is my try to share all the recipes I try (the good ones) with other people with the same love about food. What inspired you to start your blog? Well of course I love cooking since I was a child, but the idea of making my own blog had never came to me since I helped a friend with a school project. She had to create a blog post! And that’s how my blog and my first post “Carrote Cake” were born!

How do you shoot and edit your photographs for your blog? I shoot with a D3300 Nikon DSLR camera, and edit photos using Adobe Photoshop. I try to use daylight as much as I can, so as not to have a lot of work to do with Photoshop.

How do you schedule your posts? Firstly I shoot the ingredients and then I try to shoot every stage of cooking procedure so as to make it easier for readers to follow the instructions. Then I do the photo editing and I write the post. What inspires you to write your blog posts? I try to create posts that are fitting to the season, for example I prefer lighter dishes for the summer, because these are what I prefer myself as well. I also try to use seasonal fruits and vegetables and those are that inspire me to create my posts. Can you share your number one personal photography/ blogging tip? Well I don’t consider myself an experienced blogger neither a photographer, but the number 1 tip about photography, especially for the beginners as myself is “use daylight”. Every photo is better under natural daylight. Additionally less editing is needed, and you gain so much both in time and quality. What do you do when you are not blogging? When I’ m not blogging… As I said before, I’m a married, working woman, so time is never enough… But other things I like to do is drawing, going to the sea (I’m lucky, because I’m from Chalkidiki|), relaxing with friends that have a special place in my life… Also cooking with them is something I love to do! What is your favourite social media platform and how that helps your blogging journey? My favourite social media platform is Instagram. I love the immediacy that it offers. Pictures aim straight to the point without many words. I also find inspiration about my new recipes, about making the proper photography scenery and also I find out many interesting Greek and foreign blogs. What is your favourite blog post from your blog? My favourite blog post so far was Strawberry Chocolate Charlotte Cake, as it was a cake made with plenty of love for my mum’s birthday. I use to make a cake for everyone’s birthday, so these recipes are my favourite as they are made fore those I love.

blurpixels photography blog interview /projectfood copywrite

Where would you like to be in blogging five years from now? In five years from now, I hope that I’ll continue blogging, I’ll continue making new recipes and share them, and I hope that I’ll be as happy as I am today doing this!

"Dear Marianthi, I am glad for choosing me to participate in your new blog column. I find very interesting the idea of learning more information about the people behind the blogs we like! Congratulation about your blog! Keep on the good work! Thank you very much!" Foteini,

blurpixels photography blog interview /projectfood copywrite    – if you have a blog and you are intrested in participating in the mini interviews series please contact me at the email of the blog or via social media  🙂

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