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brownies love max perry
brownies love max perry *from “breathsndreams” lifestyle blog Hey Friday!! I love you!! 🙂 Friday is a photography sharing day for breathsndreams since day 1, but I am afraid today I don`t have that many photos to share. I was a bit tired this week but I have a few fun mini notes to record. I also have a really active Instagram account you can always enjoy!! You can find me @breathsndreams. ♥ Oh! That delicious - full of chocolate brownie!! It totally changed the atmosphere around here this week!! -for my Greek friends, it is from max perry the brownie amarena!! K. you are an angel for bringing it home!! ♥ This week I got really happy & really dissapointed by people. Different people. I need to say, I really enjoy friendly visits at home. It`s been a bit lonely in the past few months for me... ♥ I totally updated my pinterest boards!! That place needed to get more organised!! I hope you`ll enjoy it. ♥ I am a Christmas obsessive person & people have got to start realising that around here!! I need help for that job this year!! Come on!! Get in the mood quicker PLEASE!! ♥ At least I have next to me my favorite yankee candle of red apple wreath!! That is the smell of my holidays!! ♥ I focused a lot on onine baking udemy seminars (some of them were for free) & photography seminars and really enjoyed the learning through the net process a lot!! Have you tried udemy? ♥ I have it on repeat today & on high volume please!! I LOVE thas song. I heard it on tha radio this morning & it brought lots of memories. So... Thank you so much for reading!! Have a a fantastic rest of Friday & a sweet weekend!! 🙂
Marianthi, xo 

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