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blurpixels photography blog two ingredient chocolate candy recipe

This week, I decided on three things!! I love September, the smell of rain on the ground and little Choco candy!! And then I decided to make some homemade ones while my little one was still asleep.

To make some homemade Choco candy is a really quick process. To be precise, it takes longer to eat them, rather than making them. Ok, I may exaggerate a bit and if you don`t stay in our home… maybe in another house with more normal people when it comes to sweets.

Anyway, I am giving you a weekend project chocoholic friend, with a few really quick and easy recipes from the favorite food blogger`s world and of course a few loved and eternal Choco-blog links!!

Have a sweet weekend!! ๐Ÿ™‚

blurpixels photography blog two ingredient chocolate candy recipe“Read every Friday aย Mini Notes Fun Post.”ย 

Chocolate – orange & nuts. What`s better than that? Maybe the next link…ย 

Homemade Choco candy with three ingredients!!

Wait!! It gets better!! Homemade Choco candy with two ingredients!!

Dessert For Twoย – Vegan Chocolate Muffins

Chocolate Covered Katieย – The complete blog!! Hello?

Chocablog – The Chocolate Blog

Joy The Backer – I just love her!!

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