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baby love
Its Friday again, how fast that week ended... I remember hot days (is it my idea or summer is here so suddenly?) and then rainy days again and at some point I found out that my last year's clothes (pre pregnancy clothes) do not fit me any more !! (Now is the right time to panic!). Weekly report: Nannies, crying and hugs (I love hugs!), About 110 baby bottles, 3 cans of milk, 84 diapers, one million kisses and countless caresses!! Lots of sleepless nights, meeting with doctors, friends come and go (I do not actually see them ...), did he say "mommy"? He did not of course but I heard it anyway!! Smiles and joys!! It's six o clock in the morning, it's almost dawn, I drink my coffee in my favorite Christmas mug (it's my favorite!!), it's so quiet. The intercom button turns red. More hugs for us. He grows up and gets so handsome and these days are so loved!! Enjoy your weekend!! I laughed waching that movie. I walked all around Plaka streets by the blog my country by the greeks. I got ideas for future travels by the blog of Joanna. I got inspired for future cooking by the blog projectfood. I read all about Londons photography projects. If you visit please send back some photos...    

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