Mini Notes – September Plans

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I love love September. It looks a little like January, with much lower temperatures but with the same mood for new beginnings and the same tense of creation and inspiration. I have so many plans for the blog. If only I knew where to find the time to complete all that I have planned in my mind. First of all, we are going to read two great interviews about two fantastic blogs that I totally love. I want to share with you a few favorite photography books and not only, food photography along with recipes, photoshop information, favorite summer destinations, a few fun links for September, and of course photo tips. I decided to become a child caretaker through ActionAid, I am looking to attend photography seminars in Athens, I want to visit a photography expedition, I am preparing my baby`s christening, I continuously order new photography and cooking books, (I suspect that I may have an addiction). All these and a few more, at the same time with all the major changes that happen to our little home, we have now entered a new baby phase with the food, I feel so excited and I think that he also is, every new day that I spend with him I just love him more and more!! 24 hours are simply not enough... 🙂 blurpixels photography still life How is your September so far? P.S. Lunch With Friends At Home & 5 Web Pages For Free Stock Photos   

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