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We travel to change, not of place, but ideas. Hippolyte Taine
Summer of 2017. The first summer with our little one. Our first travels with him. So far, I must report full relocation and residency success. He seems to enjoy a lot tours and nature, especially the color of the trees and the flowers. So, although there is a lot of preparation, packing and sleepless nights which I happily join with my baby, by having the support of my family, I can still enjoy a few photography times, a bit of writing and beautiful Greece.  The photo of this post is taken on the bridge of Polifitou Lake in Kozani. I am writing a longer post about our stay here, so please stay tuned. Although I was planning to stay away from blogging for a few days, as always in the Mini Notes posts, I would like to share a few interesting links that I recently read. blurpixels photography blog marianthi If you are interested in printing your summer photos or your Instagram feed and create a pretty memories album, you can have a look at the Artifact page. They have a lot of nice ideas for such creations. I found the post of Joel inspiring and a bit poetic. I could not leave it out of the mini notes links of this week. I want to thank Joanna for all her sweet talk on the summer post she recently posted on her blog. The joy of meeting her in person is all mine and I hope that we can meet again soon. Within the next few days I am going to post the mini interview that we have prepared, so we will discover more about her blogging life. For all of you who want to improve your writing skills, you can find here 20 free eBooks. If you want to create your own blog and you may need some assistance and guidance, via WordPress you can solve all your questions. If you finally do it (or already have done) write your URL on the comments below so we can visit your page.   Where do you travel this summer? P.S. The must-have eBook for food photography & Herastrau Park In Bucharest   

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