New Year`s Breakfast With Croissants.

blurpixels food photography & lifestyle blog

The first post of 2018 on "Blurpixels", could not be other than sweet and full of sugar.

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope that its first minutes found you all with hugs and smiles, joy and optimism!! πŸ™‚

I share today a small part of our homemade New Year`s breakfast, which included other than that, delicious croissants fromΒ Pillsbury, which we totally love.

blurpixels food photography & lifestyle blog

The year gone by, was half a year for "Blurpixels" blog and I experimented with lots of topics. I hope that in this year, I will manage to share with you lots of easy and tasty recipes, food photography, travel images, photo tips, cookbook suggestions, photography books and whatever interested topic will come into my way.

Β We all need little inspiration moments and relaxation time within our day and I hope that "Blurpixels" will become such a place for you, as it is for me too.


blurpixels food photography & lifestyle blog

  blurpixels food photography & lifestyle blog   vblurpixels food photography & lifestyle blog  

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