Random Thoughts: Pregnancy Talk

baby on the way

baby on the way

Little journal note.

The other day, a friend of mine asked me whether I miss being pregnant, while we were discussing how hard was that period for me. Since day one I faced serious complications, I had to be really careful and changed my whole lifestyle in order to finally make it. I hold in my arms my little angel a couple of months now and my reply to her was positive. Of course I miss it. A lot. When I think of those days I only feel thrilled, nostalgia and love with the best -by far- moment the one of giving birth. That moment when I first heard him cry.

A few months ago I read the story of my favorite blogger about her pregnancy experience as something distant and difficult, an experience she wouldn`t want to live again. I couldn`t identify myself in that story. It was a great journey with the most magical destination.



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