The “365 Blurpixels Photo Project” 01/365

The 365 Blurpixels Photo Project

The “365 Blurpixels Photo Project” is a new column that I started today on the blog and I am really excited about it. Through my constant search for better photography, more inspiration and new photographic challenges, I decided to take that project.

A picture a day. That is the main idea and as simple as it may sounds I read that it is as difficult to complete it. It is indeed a great commitment to find time every day and stay true on that schedule for a year. The conditions alter through the seasons and the time each one has does not remain the same daily.

The 365 Blurpixels Photo Project
01/365 “365 Blurpixels Photo Project”

Besides the blog I will upload the photos of the project for free on the 365project  page through my new profil Marianthi.blurpixels that I created earlier today. It is about a page that is dedicated on the 365 and can participate anyone who is in the mood and loves photography.

If you try to build a portfolio, if you are looking for motivation to learn your camera, if you want to evolve your photographic skills or just try new style pictures and techniques I believe that the 365 is the ideal solution.

Enjoy!! 🙂


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