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I just completed the ebook of Trisha Hughes, Eat Pretty Things. I bought it last night having in mind that I would casually read it this weekend and I finished it within 24 hours. And to think I raise a baby and I am so busy running all day long!! I feel truly excited about that ebook. It got me from its firts page and in every single one that followed I learned something new. I got so inspired by the information I was reading that I immediately picked up my camera and started to practice all the advice and the tips I was reading. It is so well written, simple in its terms, it contains very beautiful pictures-examples and it recaps the important issues in just two lines for you to keep in mind and move further. food photography The book starts with the personal story of the writter and how she begun her photography journey, it moves on by speaking about gear and progresses with camera chapters about going on manual mode by explaining what is apperture, ISO, shutter speed and white balance. The writter analytically explains the editing process in lightroom, it discusses a lot about light (natural & artificial) and then moves over into composition and story telling food pictures. food photography In the ebook Eat Pretty Things you can find lots of advice and solutions on possible problems you may come across on food photography and many ideas on how to create a decent props collection to accompany your food pictures with. Finally, the writter dedicated a few pages on  Instagram which I found really interesting since I love Instagram a lot. Are we friends on Instagram? food photography If you are intrested in that photography style, if you are a food blogger or you are looking for ways to expand your knowledge on food photography, this ebook is the perfect tool to learn and get inspired. I totally loved it!! P.S. 10 Inspiring Photography Tutorials & 5 Web Pages For Free Stock Photos & Food Photography Book Review: Plate To Pixel

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